We strongly encourage fellow Rotarians to recruit new members.
Think about it: with more members we can get more done, and we’ll have more fun doing it. That’s a win-win.
Preferably, we’re looking for business owners and those in management positions. This can be for-profit as well as non-profit enterprises.
If you encounter somebody in management who was recently transferred to this area or who moved to this area in order to work for a local company, this person should be seriously considered. Why? They’re probably looking for an opportunity to meet people here, and to get actively involved in doing something positive for their new community! Again, a win-win!!!
How to proceed?
First, to the left you’ll see a link for “Bringing a New Member into our Club.” Download this and use this as your guide. This will explain how to implement the two forms that are also to the left.
If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Membership Director, Bill Keese at bkeese67@gmail.com.