While Hurricane Harvey decimated much of Galveston County, most of us in the great city of Galveston were thankfully spared this time from the worst of a tropical system. This allowed the Rotary Club of Galveston Island to contribute to the ongoing efforts just to our north to rebuild, restore, and recover.

Perfectly exemplifying the famous Four Way Test that Rotary Clubs repeat at each meeting, during the immediate aftermath of Harvey, the Stony Brook Rotary (NY) contacted Island Rotary with a generous $3000 donation to assist in recovery, which we voted to match and distribute to an organization to utilize locally.

Today, the Rotary Club of Galveston Island was very proud to donate our $3000, plus the $3000 from our brothers and sisters in Stony Brook, to the 4B Disaster Response Network for a total of $6000! This will assist their upcoming vast rebuilding efforts in March in Dickinson, La Marque, Hitchcock, Texas City, League City, and Friendswood.
From March 10th to the 24th, 4B Disaster Recovery Network will partner with Eight Days of Hope for a massive scale rebuilding project. Eight Days of Hope is a complex, national network of churches and skilled tradesmen. Eight Days of Hope was begun after Hurricane Katrina and has completed 13 post-disaster rebuild projects. They are combining their 14th and 15th trips into one massive project in the Galveston County area. This effort will involve over 5,000 volunteers, most of whom are carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc., and will seek to rebuild 1,000 homes. This will be the largest, all-volunteer rebuild effort in a 15 day period in U.S. history.